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Wealth Accumulation & Distribution

The topic of wealth accumulation has traditionally focused on products and rate of return. While these items play a role in the wealth building process, they are widely misunderstood and over emphasized. How much money you save, avoiding the unnecessary loss of wealth due to taxes and fees, eliminating the cost of human error, and developing multiple distribution strategies long before you plan to access your money are the key items that are paramount to your financial success. Great rates of return and “miracle” products will not save you from the impact of poor savings habits, giving too much money to “Uncle Sam”, the human error in many investment philosophies, or the failure to focus on how you will someday turn assets back into cash flow.


  • Savings Rate
  • Tax Strategies
  • Eliminate Investor Behavior Errors
  • Distribution Strategies

Our process will teach you how and where to save your money and still have a great lifestyle today. You will learn how to reduce and potentially even recapture wealth that would have otherwise been lost to unnecessary taxes and poor investment decisions. Even if you are a resident or new attending Physician, the conversation regarding how to utilize your assets for retirement income should happen now. How assets are positioned from tax, liquidity, safety, risk, and their various other features is critical to giving you the flexibility to respond correctly to whatever the financial world throws at you. While there is no one magical product or investment, understanding how to combine the various strengths and weaknesses of each financial tool to your unique circumstances will ultimately determine your success.