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As a resident or fellow, you have spent a lot of time, money, and effort pursuing your future career as a physician. Given your current income, demands on your time, the uncertainty of where you will begin your practice, and whether you will do a fellowship (maybe even two of them!) can make the conversation surrounding when and how to plan your finances confusing. You have certainly heard a lot on the topic as various financial and insurance professional bought your group lunch or dinner to discuss this issue. The fact remains that there can be tremendous benefits for you to address this topic while you are still a resident or fellow, such as:

  • Student loan consolidation programs
  • Individual Disability discount or conversion options offered through your current program
  • How to save/invest while in residency
  • Educate yourself, so you know what to ask and what to look for
  • Get organized now, the demands on your time will stay the same it's just what you spend your time on that will change