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Student Loan Repayment

Understanding the various strategies for Student Loan repayment is critical to your overall financial picture.

Student loan repayment is an issue that most Physicians and Dentists must face. Whether to consolidate and refinance the loans, selecting repayment terms, deferment options, qualification for government assistance programs, etc. are all key considerations to take into account.  Additionally, we must consider the greater impact on a client’s life.  Understanding how to most effectively pay back a student loan while still buying a home, protecting their income and assets, saving for the future, and going on vacation is the reality of our clients' lives.  

We teach our clients about their various payback options and show them how each choice fits into their overall financial picture.  In some situations the economics point to a clear path and other times the best path may come down to a client’s personal preference.  Either way, we educate our clients on the process to determine what will best work for them.  

Guardian does not offer student loans or any counseling to attain or pay down student loans.