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At White Coat Financial, we have leveraged the connections we have developed at Lucido-Morris Wealth Management and have used these relationships to develop our specialty practice. We serve individuals in the medical industry because we have a deep understanding of the financial concerns that they face. By focusing on this niche market, we can offer a specialized approach, take the time to understand our clients on a personal level, and work with them for the long-term.

We can help medical and dental employees answer questions they may have, such as:

  • What is the best approach to paying off my student loans?
  • What could I accomplish if I had a professional looking over my finances?
  • How does my career projection effect how I save for retirement?
  • How can an advisor manage both my wealth and my well being?
  • How do I transition from being a resident physician to a practicing doctor, regarding taxes and liquidity?

We provide our clients a comprehensive look at their financial life along with an efficient and consistent method of documenting their progress. Our professionals expose financial perils that threaten individuals’ financial futures, address how we can mitigate those perils, and educate them on how their current assets and cash flows can be utilized to reap multiple benefits. This work allows our clients to have the tools to enjoy a life of increased use and enjoyment of assets, reduced financial risks, and more flexibility and options to better adapt to the ever-changing world they will live in.